At Cree Construction and Development Company, Ltd., we’re proud to offer you our recognized expertise—as well as our highly qualified workforce—for all your construction and development projects.

Current projects :

Replacement of the drinking water and fire protection systems at LG-3 ($15,600,000)

Construction of an indoor pool and youth center in Whapmagoostui ($15,580,000)

Provision of a specialized workforce for the Hydro-Québec airports (2019–2022) ($5,800,000)

Storm drainage project, correction of water services entrances in Whapmagoostui (2,777,000$)

Paving of streets in Whapmagoostui (17,715,000$)

Paving of internal roads Phase 2 in Nemaska (4,777,900$)

Pumping station and purification field – SEBJ camp in Nemaska (4,517,700$)

Past projects :

Construction of a clinic in Mistissini ($20,500,000)

Construction of a school in Chisasibi ($13,500,000)

Enlargement of the Stajune Complex in Eastmain ($13,800,000)

Development of a high ground in Chisasibi ($19,600,000)

Training center in Wemindji ($7,500,000)

Environmental rehabilitation of Bloc D in Chisasibi ($7,800,000)

Renovation of the shopping center in Chisasibi ($4,700,000)

Construction of weirs on the Rupert River ($36,700,000)

Tailbay works and structures ($67,000,000)

Construction of an Eastmain-Muskeg access route ($20,000,000)

Construction of the Lemare Bridge ($23,600,000)

Construction of the 69 kV Nemiscau/Waskaganish line ($22,700,000)

Construction of the South Dams at EM-1 ($70,000,000)

Construction of the Nemiscau-EM-1 route ($34,000,000)

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